In an education environment dominated by catch phrases like “school choice” and the over-politicization of common sense education reforms, Senator Quezada has been a consistent voice to point out that the overwhelming majority of parents choose to send their kids to their neighborhood public schools and want higher standards for our kids.  We do ourselves a disservice if we don’t strengthen and improve our public education system.  That requires:

  • a responsible investment in our schools and our kids;

  • a focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM);

  • responsible support for teachers to ensure they have the resources and professional development necessary to implement updated standards in the classroom.

After Prop. 123 was narrowly adopted by voters in 2016, Senator Quezada is committed to ensuring that Prop. 123 isn’t the end of the education funding conversation and is only the beginning of a responsible investment in our kids.


Senator Quezada will always focus on bringing quality jobs to District 29 that pay a living wage.  As a small business owner himself, he will also work to support the many innovative small business owners who operate in our community to allow them to be successful.  However, Senator Quezada understands that bringing only low-paying jobs doesn’t help our community advance.

  • He will work to attract higher paying jobs to our district and our state;

  • He will ensure that all working families are able to earn a living wage and have paid family leave so that they may provide for their families.

  • He will also be a champion for equal pay to ensure that women are able to earn the same wages as their male counterparts in the workforce.

  • He has been the champion for the “Ban The Box” movement in AZ to allow job applicants to be judged on their merits rather than on their past mistakes when applying for jobs.

Senator Quezada was a strong supporter of the #HealthyWorkingFamilies Initiative to raise the minimum wage and has consistently voted to support responsible increases in the minimum wage.


As the only Democrat attorney serving in the State Senate, Senator Quezada has already been a champion to protect your right to vote and protect your right to be free from illegal discrimination. Moving forward, Senator Quezada will:

  • ensure your path to the ballot box is kept free from unnecessary obstructions and obstacles and will work to make the voting
  • experience secure, yet modernized and more accessible to all eligible voters.
  • be a champion for equal rights for ALL regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, immigration status, or sexuality.
  • continue to be the #1 fighter against efforts to harass, intimidate and demonize the immigrant population and be a voice for comprehensive immigration reform and the humane treatment of any who are victims of the broken system or dangerous homeland conditions.